How To Optimize Your Google Business Profile in Ghana

Kwabena Okyire Appianing

Kwabena Okyire Appianing

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Want your business to get found and chosen by more customers in Ghana every single day?

Then you need to use Google the right way.

The proof?

My agency (PARAGON Marketing) helped dozens of companies triple their sales in just a few months.

All by unlocking the full power of Google’s tools for African businesses.

And in this guide, you’ll discover the insider tips and tricks to setup, optimize and manage your Google Business Profile properly.

We’ll show you step-by-step how to:

  • Verify and claim your Google Business Profile
  • Keep your key business information fully updated
  • Use posts and photos to engage customers
  • Respond to questions and reviews
  • Analyze visitor stats to improve performance

When you apply what we teach here, it will become almost unfair how easily you’ll outrank rivals in local search results.

Driving floods of qualified leads to your doorstep eager to buy.

So if you’re ready to leverage Google to take your African business to the next level this year, then let’s dive right in!

How to build an effective Google My Business page
How to respond to customer questions
How to get more customer reviews

Let’s get started!

You might be wondering, Why is a Google My Business page so important for my business?

Almost everybody in Ghana uses Google to search for businesses and products online. So your Google My Business page will usually be the first thing potential new customers see when they search for your type of business near them.

If your page looks nice and has good information, customers will be more likely to call you, visit your shop, or buy from your website.

But if you don’t manage your page properly, most customers won’t even realize your business exists!

Set Up Your Google My Business Page


The first step is to set up a Google My Business listing for your company. Here is what to do:

1. Go to and click “Start Now”

2. Fill in all the key details about your business like your shop name, full address, phone number, website address etc.

3. Verify your address to confirm you really own the business

Once your page is setup, add helpful information for customers, like your operating days and hours, types of products and services offered, short description of what your business does, and other details.

It’s also very important that your basic business information like shop name, full address and phone number, stay updated on your page. You should double check at least once per month that these core details are still correct.

Add Photos and Videos

Research shows businesses with more photos and videos on their Google My Business listing get a lot more clicks, calls and visits from potential new customers.

Having nice-quality images helps customers better understand your shop and the products and services you offer before visiting.

So make sure to add plenty of good photos showing your store exterior or interior, products, staff members, company logo and other helpful pictures. More is always better!

You should also add short videos if possible, for example showing how a product is made or used.



Post Regular Updates


Your Google Business page has a “Posts” section where you can share new products, sales promotions, company news, events, offers and more.

Think of it like the Facebook wall where you post status updates that followers can see.

Posting fresh content helps bring more customers to your page and business website. It also shows Google that you actively maintain your page, improving your page ranking.



Set Up Appointments


Some businesses like salons, gyms, restaurants or repair shops can allow customers to book appointments directly through Google.

All you need to do is connect your existing appointments calendar from software like you already use to your Google Business account.

Then when customers view your Google listing, they will see a prominent “Book” button which lets them easily schedule appointments around your availability.

This makes it really convenient for them to become paying customers!



Turn on Messaging


Enabling messaging allows customers to start real-time text conversations with your business through Google. So they don’t have to call or email if they have a quick question.

It works a lot like WhatsApp or texting between mobile phones.

To turn it on:

1. Open the Google My Business app on your mobile phone
2. Tap “Customers,” then tap “Messages.”
3. Turn on messaging

Be sure to respond to any messages within a few hours so customers know you actually check them frequently!



Check Your Customer Insights


Inside your Google Business account, there is a section called “Insights.”. This shows you very helpful data, like:

How many customers searched for your business name or address before visiting your page?

How many people clicked on your phone number to call you?

Which days and times do you get the most visits?

Which search terms do customers use to find your page?

Use this information to improve weak areas of your page.

For example, if nobody calls your phone number, make it more prominent on the page with a call-to-action like “Call now for assistance!”.



Respond to Customer Questions


Customers can ask questions on your Google Business page that you need to respond to properly. This helps build trust and clears up any confusion they might have.

To check for new questions, go to the “Questions and Answers” section. Respond to each one politely within 1-2 days.

If you get common questions, you can even write your own questions and helpful responses ahead of time!

This allows you to highlight key details and steer customers better.



Get More Customer Reviews


Positive customer reviews are very important for convincing potential new clients to start buying from your business.

Google shows a score from 1 to 5 stars on your page based on ratings customers leave. So aim to get as many 5-star reviews as possible!

Here are some tips for getting more high ratings:

  • Ask every customer nicely to leave an online review after making a purchase
  • Train staff to deliver excellent-quality service, leaving customers very satisfied
  • Fix any issues raised quickly in negative reviews

Be sure to thank customers for taking the time to post reviews. Replying publicly shows you value their feedback.

The more quality reviews your page gets over time, the higher it will rank in Google search results, meaning even more new potential customers!


As you can see, having an excellent Google My Business page and keeping it updated regularly is vital for any business in Ghana today.

It helps new potential clients find your company more easily online and builds trust through useful information and reviews before they start buying.

Setting up and updating your Google page might take a little bit of effort at first. But because most people search Google to shop, it will reward you with many more paying customers!




Q: What is Google My Business and why is it important for businesses in Ghana?

A: Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool provided by Google to help businesses manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps. It is crucial for businesses in Ghana as it allows them to appear in local search results, increases their visibility, and helps in building an online reputation.



Q: How can I create and optimize my Google My Business profile for my business in Ghana?

A: To create and optimize your Google My Business profile, you can start by claiming your listing, providing accurate business information, adding relevant keywords, managing your business categories, actively responding to customer reviews, and regularly posting updates about your products and services.



Q: What are the benefits of optimizing my Google My Business profile for my business in Ghana?

A: Optimizing your Google My Business profile can help your business appear in local search results, attract more customers, improve your online visibility, boost your local SEO efforts, and enhance your overall online presence in Ghana.



Q: How can Google My Business help my business in Ghana attract more customers?

A: With a well-optimized Google My Business profile, your business can be easily found by potential customers on Google Search and Maps, and it can provide essential information such as your location, contact details, business hours, and customer reviews, which can significantly help in attracting more customers.



Q: What are the key elements I should focus on to optimize my Google My Business profile for my business in Ghana?

A: When optimizing your Google My Business profile for your business in Ghana, focus on providing accurate business information, adding relevant keywords, maintaining updated business hours, managing customer reviews, and regularly posting engaging content to keep your profile active.



Q: How can I verify my business on Google My Business in Ghana?

A: To verify your business on Google My Business in Ghana, you can choose from various verification methods such as receiving a postcard by mail, getting a phone call, receiving an email, or instant verification if your business is eligible.



Q: What are Google Posts and how can they help optimize my Google My Business profile in Ghana?

A: Google Posts are short updates or promotions that can appear on your Google My Business listing. By regularly posting relevant content, promotions, or events, you can help in optimizing your Google My Business profile, engage with potential customers, and provide updated information about your business in Ghana.



Q: Why is it important for my business in Ghana to actively manage the products and services section of my Google My Business profile?

A: Actively managing the products and services section of your Google My Business profile allows you to showcase your offerings, provide detailed information, and keep your customers informed about what your business provides, which can help in attracting potential customers and improving your online visibility in Ghana.



Q: How can Google My Business in Ghana help my business appear in the local map results?

A: By optimizing your Google My Business profile and providing accurate business information, including your location, business categories, and relevant keywords, your business can have a better chance of appearing in the local map results on Google, which can help in attracting local customers in Ghana.



Q: What are some ways to improve the online visibility and local search ranking of my business in Ghana using Google My Business?

A: Some ways to improve the online visibility and local search ranking of your business in Ghana using Google My Business include maintaining updated business information, actively engaging with customer reviews, regularly posting updates, managing business categories, and leveraging Google Posts to showcase your offerings and promotions.


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