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7 Low Cost Digital Marketing Activities to Attract BIG CLIENTS in Ghana

We know your business is amazing.

The problem?

Not enough people know about it., but how can you get people to find it?

That’s where digital marketing comes in!

It’s like a powerful map that leads people right to your door.

The problem is, a lot of digital marketing can feel expensive and complicated.

But guess what?

There are actually lots of cool ways to find new customers online without spending a fortune.

I’m a digital marketing expert in Ghana, and I know how to help small businesses like yours shine online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while – everyone needs customers!

The best part is, you can find amazing clients without fancy ads or tricky tools.

There are simple things you can do that bring customers to you naturally.

In this article, I’m going to share seven awesome tricks for getting the word out about your business.

These tricks are super easy for businesses in Ghana, and they cost very little.

They’ve worked for lots of different companies, just like yours!

Are you ready to become a customer magnet? Let’s get started!


Digital Marketing Overview in Ghana

As more consumers turn to online channels to conduct research, connect with brands, and make purchases,

implementing an effective digital marketing strategy has become imperative for business growth and profitability.

With the rapid rise in internet and smartphone penetration across Ghana,

small businesses have an invaluable opportunity to reach new audiences and establish

themselves as thought leaders through strategic digital marketing campaigns—without breaking the bank.

When executed correctly on a budget, digital marketing enables companies to:

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility
  • Attract and nurture new leads
  • Drive website traffic
  • Boost engagement across social media
  • Improve conversions and sales

The key is determining the right mix of low-cost tactics based on your target customer, value proposition, and business goals.

As we explore key digital marketing activities optimized for the Ghanaian marketplace,

I’ll share actionable tips for maximizing your return on investment so you can leverage all the low cost types of digital marketing .


Email Marketing Activities

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective yet powerful ways to reach potential customers,

nurture leads, and drive conversions. When it comes to attracting big clients on a budget,

the following email marketing tactics can yield tremendous dividends:


Email Marketing Campaign

 Welcome email series – Make a strong first impression by sending a series of 3-5 emails to new subscribers over the course of a week.Share valuable content while introducing your brand.

Event promotion emails – Create excitement leading up to an event by sending a sequence of emails. Share key details, highlighted speakers, discounts, etc.

Retargeting email campaigns; – Remarketing to website visitors who didn’t convert with tailored content recommendations based on their interests and activity.


Building an Email List

Website sign-up forms – Place email sign-up forms in prime real estate spots on your website and offer an irresistible lead magnet like an eBook, discount, or webinar.

Social media – Promote your email signups across all social channels by running social media giveaways and lead generation campaigns focused on list building.

Partnerships – Team up with complementary businesses to cross-promote content and email lists to expand your reach.


Conversion Rate Optimization

You can maximize the return from your email campaigns by optimizing conversion rates through:

Compelling subject lines – Use emotional triggers, specificity, and personalization to compel open rates. Test different subject line styles.

Clear calls-to-action – Tell subscribers exactly what you want them to do next with buttons for redemption codes, event sign-ups, downloads, etc.

Mobile responsiveness – Over 50% of emails are opened on mobile. Ensure your emails and forms are mobile-friendly.

By fine-tuning an email marketing strategy fueled by audience insights, you can attract more B2B clients without straining resources.


Social Media Marketing Techniques

In a digital landscape where social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn dominate daily internet usage across Ghana,

having a strategic presence on these channels is mandatory for attracting clients cost-effectively today. Consider these techniques:

Social Media Marketing Channels

Facebook Groups – Identify and actively participate in Facebook Groups frequented by your ideal clients to demonstrate expertise.

LinkedIn – Establish thought leadership by publishing regular posts and engaging with content daily. Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Instagram – Post industry-related images and videos daily along with strategic hashtags to increase discoverability.

Influencer Marketing Strategies

Hashtag research: identify the top influencers in your niche by researching popular hashtags and industry keywords.

Partnerships – Partner with micro and niche influencers to run contests, promote content, and put your brand in front of ready-to-buy followers.

Social Media Content Strategy

Thought leadership content – Publish weekly educational and inspirational content to nurture prospects and spark meaningful conversations.

Visual content – Share engaging videos and bright, high-quality images that make followers stop scrolling with value-focused captions.

Interact with followers; build relationships by responding to comments, DMs, and @mentions in a personalized yet timely manner.

Ask questions to increase engagement.

Combining multiple platforms with an optimized posting strategy will net exponential growth for your business’s social presence, establishing you as an industry leader online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies

When attempting to attract clients in competitive markets, having an SEO strategy that improves discoverability and drives qualified website traffic is pivotal.

I recommend focusing on these areas to maximize conversions from organic search cost-effectively:


SEO Marketing Campaigns

Listen up my friends – if your digital marketing strategy ignores SEO, you’re leaving tons of qualified traffic, leads and sales on the table every single month.

I know focusing on search engine optimization can feel overwhelming on top of everything else demanded to grow a business today.

But without a smart SEO game plan directing buyers to your digital front door, your online visibility remains dim at best.

The good news is, you don’t need fancy tools or big budgets to start raking in more customers through SEO either locally or nationwide.

Just smart strategy paired with consistent effort over time.

In my 7 years managing SEO campaigns for businesses across Africa,

I’ve refined a straightforward yet high-impact approach to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs and marketing managers finally crack the SEO code.

Today I’ll break down the two essential pillars for SEO success that you can set into motion right away.

With some elbow grease, expect a nice flow of new leads and sales to start trickling in within 3-6 months. Eventually, the floodgates open to a torrent of highly qualified traffic that continuously converts thanks to organic search!

Let’s dig in…

Pillar #1: Laser Focus On The Right Keywords

The foundation of ranking well on Google and attracting qualified visitors starts with identifying just the right keyword targets.

I know this sounds obvious. But 9 out of 10 businesses I advise focus energy chasing vanity metrics like overall traffic volume or brand searches.

Yet hyper-focused, strategic keywords matching commercial buyer intent are the real SEO goldmines for lead generation.

Here are 3 proven tactics for unlocking this goldmine starting today:

Conduct Competitive Research

Your competitors rank well for certain keywords in your niche for a reason – those terms drive qualified traffic!

So analyze the top 10-20 Google results across commercial searches in your category.

Identify common themes around high-value keywords frequently appearing across top-ranked content.

Tap Google Keyword Planner This free tool offers incredible data on monthly search volumes, keyword trends and competitiveness stats.

Filter for long tail commercial phrases with decent search volume but relatively low competition for the easiest wins.

Study Actual Buyer Keywords

User search data reveals intent beyond vanity queries. So install free analytics tools like Google Search Console on your site.

Review the specific queries visitors already typed to land on your site.

Identify those keyword themes bubbling up as hot opportunities.

Then create content optimizations to deliberately target those buyer terms.

In other words, study exactly what high-intent visitors search when seeking out solutions in your space.

Identify the specific wording they use around needs and pain points. Then align site content, page titles and metadata directly to match.

This might sound tedious but man does it pay dividends!

One client selling commercial fishing equipment targeted the ultra specific long tail phrase “best shallow water electric trolling motors.” Traffic, leads and sales from this single laser-focused commercial term now adds over $60k in sales yearly almost on autopilot!

Pillar #2: Execute Core SEO Fundamentals

Now that we’ve locked onto high-value SEO keywords, optimizing site architecture and content elements to rank becomes pivotal.

I suggest methodically checking the following boxes to ingrain core SEO best practices across your online presence:

Optimize Title Tags & Metadata Title tags and page descriptions provide the critical first impression to searchers.

So ensure each page dynamically populates custom titles and meta descriptions featuring primary and secondary keywords to boost click-through rates.

Enhance Readability
Incorporate keywords intelligently throughout page content to reinforce relevance.

Improve page readability overall through paragraph spacing, headers, bullet points etc that enable easy scanning.

Fix Technical Issues Site speed, broken links and site architecture flaws can drastically impact rankings.

So address any technical issues flagged in Google Search Console alerts timely.

Gain Backlinks Google factors external sites linking back to your domain heavily into authority and rankings.

So proactively build relationships with partners, influencers and directories to publish links citing your content.

Enable Local SEO
For location-based searches, ensure your Google My Business and other profiles fully populate with keywords, photos/videos and other optimizations.

Interlink these with your website for local SEO wins.

Now I realize this sounds like a lot to tackle solo alongside busy operational priorities!

The key is taking things step-by-step over time to form lasting habits, not trying to revamp everything at once.

Even just spending 45 focused minutes weekly making incremental SEO enhancements adds up fast.

Within 6 months, the compounding effects on organic visibility and conversion rates can transform into a night and day difference in qualified website traffic and revenue!

Need a personalized action plan detailing the exact SEO steps to focus on first based on your specific audience,

offerings and business goals? Or have questions on how to leverage search engine optimization without getting overwhelmed as a busy owner or sales driven agency?

Let’s chat! With some one-on-one guidance, we can have you ranking much higher in your niche fast!

Content marketing

Content marketing is hands down one of the most effective ways for companies like yours to build awareness, nurture leads, and drive business growth in today’s digital age. But I know creating top-notch content and distributing it can feel overwhelming, especially when resources are tight.

Not to worry! In my 5+ years managing content strategies for small businesses across Ghana, I’ve dialed in simple yet proven tactics for developing world-class content that attracts and converts your ideal customers – all without breaking the bank.

Let me walk you through exactly how to hero up your content game in 2023. I’ll share actionable examples you can model so you can showcase thought leadership online and offline to win bigger clients month after month!

First, Start By Crafting Content That Truly Resonates

Consumers today crave content that educates them in a memorable way. But 77% of brands struggle to create regular content their customers genuinely want.

Avoid cringe-worthy self-promo posts that sound like sales pitches! Instead, tap into these three surefire content creation principles:

1. Truly Understand Your Audience’s Deepest Pain Points

Ask yourself:

– What questions keep your target clients up at night?
– What obstacles are they desperately trying to overcome?
– What solutions could revolutionize their business or life?

A client who runs a 10-person public relations firm in Accra shared she desperately needed to win larger retainer contracts to cover growing overheads. But breaking into the coveted enterprise market felt out of reach.

I knew covering proven PR strategies to land big-name clients would appeal tremendously to her situation. This intel informs content across channels now attracting far more lucrative prospects!

Of course, you must dig into your specific buyer personas using surveys, interviews and customer conversations. Discover your audience’s pain points at their core. Create content addressing those needs.

2. Deliver Truly Useful, Actionable Advice 

Today’s consumers face endless digital noise and content overload. To earn their attention now, you must create posts and videos packed with tangible value.

Not just fluffy thought pieces – but easy-to-apply tips, step-by-step instructions, and little-known industry shortcuts they can use immediately to overcome struggles.

For example, one client was an HR consultant getting barely any website traffic. I discovered prospects desperately needed help navigating complex employment regulations and paperwork requirements in Ghana.

We created a mega-post called “Need-to-Know Employment Forms, Laws & Regulations for Growing Businesses in Ghana.” It broke down key definitions, compliance checklists, links to templates and filing directions in easy-to-scan sections.

This supremely useful post drove their highest organic traffic and email list growth to date – pulling in far more qualified leads!

3. Create Remarkable Content, Not Bland Corporate Filler

Today’s online consumers quickly tune out self-promotional content that sounds like it came from your About Page! And with mobile readers’ attention spans now averaging just 8 seconds, snoozeworthy posts simply don’t convert.

Instead, grab eyeballs by creating “Wow!” content about your industry that’s insightful, unusual, funny or fascinating. I’m talking fresh data-driven research, insider secrets, controversial opinions, behind-the-scenes exposés, myth-busting experiments, unexpected analogies and more.

For example, we helped an accounting firm attract way more small business leads by creating an animated video revealing “The Top 7 Most Outrageous Tax Write-Off Attempts.” It exposed real stories of companies trying to write off things like cat food, underwear and swimming pools!

This entertaining video quickly went viral on social media – driving a 3X increase in organic site traffic seemingly overnight.

In other words, create content that sparks powerful emotions and gives people no choice but to pay attention and engage.

Next, Distribute Your Game Changing Content Far and Wide

Creating awesome content is only step one, my friend. To generate more inbound leads, strategic distribution is critical.

Here are four proven channels for getting your content seen by 10X more of your dream prospects:

1. On Your Website & Blog

Every piece of remarkable content should live on your website forever as part of your online content hub!

Make sure you:

– Post all articles, ebooks, videos etc directly on your site.

– Categorize content properly so visitors can easily find related posts as they browse.

– Insert targeted keywords naturally throughout content for SEO rankings.

– Include descriptive title tags, meta descriptions and file names loaded with your focus keywords too for higher search visibility.

2. Through Email Newsletters

Email still drives higher return on investment than any other digital channel. So sharing your new content via email is non-negotiable.

Whenever you publish a new blog post, send a dedicated email broadcast to announce it. Or add a section highlighting the post in your regular email newsletter.

Give readers a snippet of the content and make them click a prominent CTA button to read more. This drives traffic to your site with a simple copy/paste.

3. Across Social Media  

Promote blog posts, videos and other content across all your social media channels too for exponential exposure.

Schedule social posts via free tools like Hootsuite for pre-programmed distribution. Write compelling captions laced with emojis and strategic hashtags.

Ask intriguing questions and spark conversations around your content to boost viewership and website clicks even more.

4. Through Influencer Partners

One overlooked way to distribute content is by partnering with relevant bloggers, media outlets and micro-influencers in your niche.

Reach out to ones producing content and boasting audiences aligned with your client avatar. Offer to produce a custom blog post or other co-created content asset they can publish.

Require they link back to your site. This allows you to tap into an entirely new audience primed for your service offerings!

Most influencers are eager for high-quality co-created content. But relatively few brands actively pursue these opportunities. Get ahead of competitors by securing influential content partners in your category today!

Wrapping It All Up

By now I hope you feel fired up and ready to grow your business’s authority instantly using an optimized content marketing approach!

Just remember…

Zero in on your target customer’s deepest pain points and unmet needs with empathy during content planning. Address these clearly in every piece you create.

Deliver truly useful, detailed advice and little-known secrets your market genuinely wants to consume. Spark interest by infusing personality and emotion into all content so it leaps off the screen.

And don’t just publish content and pray people find it! Promote every asset aggressively across your website, email, social channels and to influencer partners.

By touting your own thought leadership, rather than self-serving company propaganda, you become someone buyers actively want to engage with and learn from.

Looking for more real-life examples and suggestions custom-tailored to your specific audience, industry and business goals? I’m happy to chat 1:1 and map out a game-changing yet cost-effective content strategy that pays dividends for years. Just shoot me a message!



Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Methods

Beyond driving traffic and leads, ensuring your website, landing pages, and sales funnels convert those visitors into contacted and closed deals with emphasis should be a priority as well. Implement these CRO techniques for a bigger bottom line impact:

Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is about understanding customer behavior and psychology to increase conversions across the buying journey through continual testing and refinement focusing on:

– Clarity – Clear, concise copy builds trust by communicating value quickly

– Simplicity – Eliminate distractions. Simplify navigation and calls-to-action to reduce friction

– Visuals – Use illustrations and visual cues to make complex topics more understandable

Implementing Effective CRO Strategies

– Lead generation landing pages: create tailored landing pages and forms to convert traffic from email, social, and ads campaigns vs. sending them to generic site pages.

– Benchmarks – Use Google Analytics to benchmark goal conversion rates based on past performance, top competitors, etc. to set optimization targets.

– A/B testing: – the positioning/copy of call-to-action buttons and text, page layouts, content formats, subject lines and more to improve conversions.

Fine-tuning the customer experience based on data can produce radical conversion and sales gains without upfront development or advertising costs.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

In this mobile-first era where roughly 40 million Ghanaians access the internet primarily via smartphones, having a mobile marketing strategy with optimized touchpoints is crucial for brands targeting business executives and high-value customers on-the-go. Tactics include:

Mobile Marketing Tactics

– Click-to-Call ads – Place click-to-call ads linking directly to your phone line on popular local news sites and industry publications to capture ready buyer intent

– SMS Marketing – Collect opt-in business lead contacts and send regular SMS updates, limited time offers, event invites and links to gated premium content

– Voice Search Optimization – Optimize website copy and schema markup to rank for spoken voice search queries like “find marketing consultants near me” on mobile

Optimizing for Mobile Marketing Channels

– Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – Implement Google AMP to speed up landing page and blog load times on mobile for higher rank, lower bounce rates

– Responsive design – Ensure website templates dynamically resize and adapt navigation/CTAs for usability across all devices and touchpoints

– App store optimization: research popular keywords and optimize app imagery, titles/descriptions for discoverability in Google Play and iOS app stores

With smartphones driving rapid digital adoption across Africa, focusing on mobile-first marketing strategies will enable your brand to immerse prospects in your content at multiple touchpoints – making you top-of-mind when big client purchasing decisions are being made on-the-move.
In today’s digitally transformed world, combining these high-impact marketing activities cost-effectively positions agencies, consultants, enterprise service providers and technology companies in Ghana to attract more big brand clients ready to invest in transformative solutions to drive measurable business growth. Let these cutting edge strategies ignite your firm’s customer acquisition into new market segments and contracts.


How to Craft a POWERFUL B2b Digital Marketing Strategy in Ghana

Online reviews and testimonials as part of a digital marketing strategy

Positive reviews and enthusiastic testimonials aren’t just nice to have – they’re an absolute must for convincing prospects to become paying customers these days.

Let’s face it, pretty much all companies say they offer outstanding service, deliver incredible results and employ top tier experts who can solve complex business issues.

But in a sea of companies making similar claims online and off, buyers understandably start to feel skeptical. How do they know your company will truly deliver as promised vs. all the others fighting for their business?

That’s why in today’s digital era, genuine reviews and testimonials might just be your most valuable – yet highly underutilized – business asset for turning prospects into high-paying clients fast.

Here’s exactly why reviews and testimonials are so critical to feature – and scientifically proven ways to get more of these trust-building endorsements as part of your digital marketing game plan.

**Why Buyers Are Demanding Proof, Not Promises**

Mountains of research show that today’s prospects and customers place infinitely more trust in a company’s genuine third party reviews and testimonials than any other form of advertising or marketing message.

According to Nielsen, a staggering 92% of people trust peer reviews and recommendations above all other types of content and advertising out there.

But don’t take my word for it! When my e-commerce agency conducted extensive research with small business owners on their buying decisions last year, an astounding 97% stated authentic reviews were absolutely essential for choosing to buy from one company over competitors.

Yet these same business owners rated reviews as having the single biggest influence on their final choice of vendor across the entire buyer’s journey – even more than competitive pricing, polished marketing materials or flawless sales calls.

The reality is that peer validation through online reviews and testimonials now routinely outweighs a company’s own sales and marketing statements across both B2B and consumer decisions.

This simply can’t be ignored if your company aims to win new business and stand out above rivals who are also competing for precious buyer spend and trust.

Realizing this, smart businesses are purposefully showcasing reviews and testimonials at every stage of the sales process. This in turn leads to prospects that are far more qualified, more eager to buy and quicker to commit to a purchase.

**Where People Look for Reviews to Support Decisions**

If you still wonder whether taking time to get and share reviews worthwhile today, keep in mind that 77% of B2B buyers state they now proactively look for reviews on a business before ever contacting them.

Where exactly do they turn to find these trust barometers? While Google reviews have become ubiquitous for most purchase decisions at 96% of searchers, other platforms are hugely influential as well for business purchases:

**Google Reviews**: Over 70% of people reading local search results claim Google reviews absolutely factor into their final selection.

**Industry Specific Review Sites**: B2B buyers routinely research agencies and service providers on industry-specific review sites like Clutch, G2Crowd and Software Advice. High ratings and favorable reviews are mandatory here to make shortlists.

**LinkedIn Company Pages and Pages**: An incredible 94% of B2B buyers visit LinkedIn to evaluate companies when researching purchases. Testimonials and recommendations on Company Pages or personal profiles offer social proof.

**Trust Pilot**: This consumer review site shows all reviews including negative ones for total transparency. Reviews mentioning competitors by name also hold substantial credibility and SEO value.

**Facebook**: Reviews on Facebook company pages or personal business profiles carry weight for service-based business opting for raving fans happy to endorse them publicly.

**Yellow Pages:** Many local searchers still reference Yellow Pages for service provider options. Glowing reviews help companies stand out among endless listings vying for attention.

Simply put, buyers rely on reviews across more platforms than ever before to justify decisions and avoid risk. Having a healthy presence of positive reviews throughout the digital ecosystem positions you to convert more high value customers month after month.

**Pro Tip:** Encourage clients happy to provide a testimonial to also leave an online review on platforms like Google and Facebook mentioning your company name. This builds business credibility even more.

**The Scientific Reason Reviews Are So Persuasive**

Research into the psychology behind reviews and testimonials reveals some mind blowing facts about just how profoundly third party endorsements influences prospective buyers.

Turns out there is tremendous power and hidden value in having complete strangers vouch for your business that typical ads and marketing simply cannot replicate.

Here’s why science shows reviews are irresistible to pending customers:

**Reviews Trigger Feelings of Trust & Safety**
Reviews release feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine that signal safety to our primitive brains. We’re biologically wired to trust ‘tribes’ vs unknown salespeople promising the world.

**Reviews Reduce Our Perceived Risk**
Seeing others happily choose a vendor recently diminishes fear of making the wrong selection for high-involvement services or products. Fear can paralyze business buyers from pulling the trigger to buy otherwise.

**Reviews Enable Us to Follow the Crowd**
Positive reviews provide “social proof” that gives us confidence the consensus of the crowd is right. Herd mentality wins out over individual sales messaging that feels inherently biased.

**Reviews Confirm Our Own Suspicions & Beliefs **
User reviews that align with our existing assumptions further cement that a company delivers as advertised. Conflicting claims triggers uncertainty during an already complex B2B purchase.

As you can see, science confirms that customer reviews and testimonials hold infinitely more power to instill trust, confidence and belief in pending customers than any well-crafted marketing claim ever could.

This is precisely why taking steps proactively cultivate more reviews, then prominently promoting the most persuasive ones across digital touchpoints delivers such incredible sales impact.

Now let’s explore some proven ways savvy business owners are ethically generating tons more reviews and testimonials at minimal cost and effort – then leveraging these for exponential conversions, deal values and profits as a result!

**5 Cost Effective Ways to Get More Glowing Reviews**

Generally, around 10-20% of customers take time to leave online reviews without being asked post-purchase. Not nearly enough if you do the math on lost conversions!

By taking quick, proactive measures however, you can easily double or even triple your reviews overnight – gaining a substantial competitive edge in the process.

I recommend a multi-pronged approach across channels using these 5 review generating tactics perfected by the most successful companies I advise:

**1. Add Review Links in Post-Sale Emails**
Send a follow up email immediately after a sale closes while the customer is still thrilled with that “new relationship” feeling.

Tactfully ask if they’d take a moment to leave a review on either Google or a relevant third party site like TrustPilot.

Hyperlink the actual review site for one click convenience rather than just providing the URL. Studies show clickable review links in emails generate 2X+ more responses.

**2. Insert Review Requests in Packaging**
Place a small flyer inside any physical product shipments politely asking for an online review once they try out your products or complete an initial service project.

Many people appreciate this extra nudge. Include scanable QR codes or shortened URLs leading directly to your review sites to further boost conversions.

**3. Send a Separate Review Request**
Don’t be shy about sending a separate email or message devoted exclusively to requesting a review from delighted customers.

Yes, it feels awkward asking outright! But those who happily provide reviews are generally more than willing to help in exchange for great service.

Pro Tip: Data shows Sunday evenings garner the highest review response rates industrywide via email. Apparently people enjoy feel-good activities like helping others start the work week positively.

**4. Offer Incentives to Drive Action**
Sweeten the deal by offering a small discount, bonus or gift to customers who leave reviews either publicly or provide private testimonials you can use in marketing.

Incentives could include free samples, entry into giveaways, exclusive content etc. But ensure perks remain compliant with platform guidelines.

**5. Ask Verbally During Meetings**
Sparking real human connections causes a scientifically validated “liking bias” that hugely increases review contributions too.

So don’t rely exclusively on digital communications. Make a point to directly ask delighted clients for online reviews face to face or over the phone around service milestones and contract renewals.

When asking, provide specific instructions detailing ideal review length and content focus that helps your SEO and conversion rates the most.

Guide customers to emphasize unique aspects of your company versus competitors. This helps reviews stand out even more in crowded marketplaces.

So try putting some of these ethical review generation strategies to work this quarter. Just actively applying 2-3 can easily double your reviews within 3 months or less!

**Now Spotlight Reviews for Credibility & SEO Wins!**

Getting more reviews is only half the formula my friend! The second critical piece involves actively featuring your most prominent reviews across digital channels to build social proof during prospects’ research process.

Unfortunately, most businesses let happy customer reviews and testimonials languish ‘out of sight’ on third party websites only.

Leaving them undiscovered means you miss out on 66% higher conversions statistically from buyers needing reassurance when comparing vendors.

So shine the spotlight on reviews and testimonials frequently by:

📌 Embedding best excerpts in top website pages and key sales materials

📌 Rotating different snippets monthly on homepage banners

📌 Promoting 5 star reviews on social media as they come in

📌 Quoting memorable customer quotes in external blog content

📌 Featuring video testimonials prominently on YouTube and sales emails

Furthermore, interlinking positive reviews on third party sites drives incremental traffic from serps as well as reinforcing credibility. So actively showcase recent reviews in blogs or link out to them from website footer navigation.

Reviews are your strongest sales tool this year hands down! So put these review generation and promotion strategies to work immediately. Then watch conversions and profitability scale exponentially quarter after quarter!

Have additional questions on the conversion power of online reviews? Or need 1:1 strategy help claiming your share of the $48B annual increase in consumer spend influenced by reviews? Let’s connect!

FAQ on Digital Marketing Activities in Ghana


What are some of the low cost digital marketing activities that can attract big clients in Ghana?

Some low cost digital marketing activities that can attract big clients in Ghana include email marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization, and mobile marketing.

How can I build an effective digital marketing strategy to target big clients in Ghana?

To build an effective digital marketing strategy for big clients in Ghana, you can focus on creating a digital marketing plan that includes using marketing channels like video marketing, email list building, and inbound marketing techniques.

What are the benefits of using digital marketing strategies to attract big clients in Ghana?

Using digital marketing strategies for targeting big clients in Ghana offers benefits such as reaching a wider audience, creating engaging content, and tracking the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

How does email marketing play a role in attracting big clients in Ghana through digital marketing?

Email marketing is an effective digital marketing tactic for targeting large clients in Ghana, as it allows you to send personalized marketing messages directly to potential clients and nurture leads through automated email campaigns.

What is the significance of influencer marketing in attracting big clients in Ghana using digital marketing?

Influencer marketing can be a powerful tool for attracting big clients in Ghana, as it leverages the influence of popular personalities to promote your business or products to their followers, thereby expanding your reach and credibility.

How can I create a digital marketing campaign that resonates with big clients in Ghana?

To create a digital marketing campaign that resonates with big clients in Ghana, you can use a combination of marketing channels, such as video marketing, content marketing strategy, and social media channels, to deliver a consistent marketing message.

What role does search engine optimization (SEO) play in attracting big clients in Ghana through digital marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for attracting big clients in Ghana through digital marketing, as it helps your website rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for potential clients to find your business online

Is Your Website Costing You Clients?

Find out how many new leads your website should be getting through our traffic Projection analysis.

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